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Dr. Michael Brown Answers A Tough Question

Dr. Michael Brown Answers A Tough Question
Dr. Michael Brown Answers A Tough Question

Can people buy a prophetic word from a prophet? Is it okay to charge money for prophetic ministry? On an episode of Ask me Anything, Biblical scholar, Dr. Michael Brown of the FIRE School of Ministry, answers that controversial question based on the Scriptures.

Supporting ministries

“It is true that the laborer is worthy of his hire,” Dr. Brown said. “It is true that those that live by the Gospel, in other words, they preach the Gospel, they are a full-time minister in the Gospel, that they should be supported by the Gospel.”

According to Dr. Brown, it is ok for a full-time minister to be supported by the Church. This is predominantly done through tithes and offerings.

Prophetic Word

Dr. Michel Brown goes on to share that charging money for prophetic ministry, or any other ministry is never okay. Dr. Brown boldly warns everyone that it is sinful to sell God’s prophetic word.

“However, we do not ever, ever, ever, ever charge for the exercising of the spiritual gift, ever! That is wrong and sinful and abusive and manipulative and it must stop. That is ugly in the sight of God,” he added.

Prophetic Word

False prophet

Dr. Brown also warns everyone that if someone is selling God’s words, that person is a false prophet.

“If someone says, ‘Before I prophesy, you have to give me a certain amount of money,’ that person is speaking falsely. That person is misrepresenting God, that person is sinning.”

Glorify God

Dr. Brown ends his message by reminding everyone that spiritual gifts are not for our own benefit. The are not given to us by God f to earn money or for gaining fame. It is given to us solely for the purpose of glorifying God.

“The purpose in flowing in prophetic ministry is not to exalt ourselves, not to make ourselves better but to glorify Jesus by speaking on Hi behalf to others by the Spirit.”


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