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YOU Are Called to the Nations

YOU Are Called to the Nations
YOU Are Called to the Nations

YOU Are Called to the Nations

 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5

Have you observed a chicken move around? We see that the chicken’s focus is always to the ground pecking something that is around their feet. Similarly as parents many times we speak of our children on the bases of our ground reality and profess their future accordingly. In the same way we see in the Bible examples like Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel, Esther etc. their respective parent didn’t have the slightest idea in mind that their child was to lead a nation. To them their children were weak, inadequate, ordinary human beings in the hands of fate. However, the reality was just the opposite. We perceive our children as ordinary doctors, engineers, teachers, political leaders etc. But God sees them as ‘missiles’ that He desires to send forth to impact nations. He sees them as called.

 The Seed of Destiny

God the Father doesn’t only have a physical plan for us or our children; He has planted the seed of destiny within us. He has ordained us to reach out to the nations. There are many people in the Bible that God chose from the womb to take the nations. We are not aware; our finite minds cannot fathom the greatness to which God has predestined to take our children. Our children are set apart right from the time they were formed, they are appointed to take the nations.

Called to Make the Difference

The treasure of our country is in our children. Bring them up in the ways of the Lord, and His Word will cleanse them, sharpen them and form them. In the fullness of time, He will reveal His plan and nations will be blessed. Through our children, the Lord will reach out to every part of the world, to every field. Be it politics, media, art, economy, business etc. – He wants to make a difference through us, through our children.

Children, the Church of Today

We find it difficult to foresee God working through our children while they are still young and claim that “Children are the future of the church.” In Joel 2:28, God says “… I will pour out my Spirit upon ALL FLESH;…” and this includes even children. God doesn’t perceive our children as inadequate to work in His Kingdom. God looks for AVAILABILITY and not ability or age. Children are the church of today.

The Enoch Generation

God is calling forth an Enoch Generation (Hebrews 11:5), a generation that will walk with God and please God. This is a generation that will translate His presence; they will dwell in His presence and be able to interpret the word of God from the heavenly into the natural (Jude 1:14). They will be testimonies that will please God and they will walk in faith. The Enoch Generation will move with a greater power that will undo all evil, a generation that will dare the powers of darkness. This generation will move with compassion, hope, and freedom. This generation will do what it speaks.

Let God’s word touch your soul; recognize the very significance of your existence in Christ and you will clearly see the importance in the existence of your children. In the fullness of His God’s love, your children are predestined for adoption of sonship through Christ Jesus. Believe that your children carry an anointed authority; that you can release into the nations in the name of  Jesus Christ.

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