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Can I Lose My Salvation Because I’ve Messed up too Badly?

Can I Lose My Salvation Because I’ve Messed up too Badly?
Can I Lose My Salvation Because I’ve Messed up too Badly?

A lot of people from different walks of life asked me this question. They’re too many to the point that I lost count! They are often bothered by the thought that;

“What if I lose my salvation because I sin too much and I feel like there’s no way out? I fall short of His glory countless of times! Every time I try to get up and do things the right way again, the pleasures of the world are more enticing than the kingdom of God and I feel like I am of the world! I feel like I really belong here! But I know the truth. I know the truth in my mind. I can site verses to prove that what I feel is wrong but it seem so real to me! I am just so afraid to go to hell. Can you enlighten me, please? Can I lose my salvation? Please tell me no, please!”

So okay, NO. You can’t lose your salvation my friend! 

But first, let us dig deeper on what seems to be a surface question. Before you ask, “Can I lose my salvation?” ask yourself first if, “Am I a true Christian?”

A lot of people claimed that they are Christians because they do an explicit list of requirements to prove it, but what does being a Christian really mean?

Christian means ‘little Christ’. So considering that being a Christian is to become Christ-like, ask yourself this question, “Am I living like how Christ lived on this earth?” Then quietly ponder on that.

And if your answer is:

“Yes! I am living like how God intends us to live! Yes, I fail, but my salvation isn’t based on my good works but by grace through faith.”

Then welcome to eternity, my friend!

And if you want to know more about this topic, Kirby provides us a detailed and scripture-based explanation about losing salvation on the video below.

Credits: YouTube | kirbyisaboss

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