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Does God Really Call Us To Heal The Sick?

We can’t heal people but Jesus can.

Does God Really Call Us To Heal The Sick?
Does God Really Call Us To Heal The Sick?

The Bible has mentioned many times how Jesus healed sick people. Later on, Jesus then commanded his disciples and all His believers to heal the sick. But can a person really heal a sick person? How can we heal the sick?

Laying Hands

Evangelist Mel Tari shares an important principle about healing and explained how a believer can heal a sick person. The principle on healing is this: “They [the believers] shall lay hands on the sick and the sick recovers.”

It is a simple yet powerful commandment of Jesus for us. If you are questioning whether or not you’re qualified to lay hands on the sick or not, Mel has the answer for you.

“If you believe, you qualify to lay hand on the sick,” Mel declared. “Because you and I laying hand on the sick is the sign of our obedience and faith on Jesus, the Healer, and the work that He has given us.”

Healing Sick People

Though being given the authority on heaven and earth, it is important to remember that it is not by our might nor power that people get healed. It is only God’s power that can heal the sick. We are just vessels of God’s power. It is through our obedience and faith in Him that healing flows.

“You and I can’t heal people, but Jesus by the presence of the Holy Spirit can,” he emphasized. “So it is not how to heal that is important for you and I to know. It is how you and I can have trust in Jesus, believing His word and obey Him.”

All the miracles God does is “to demonstrate to the world that He is God, He is Jesus and He loves them.” Every person healed and every dead man raised is for the glory of the Lord!

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