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Casual Christianity Will Not Get You Into Heaven

Only total commitment will do

Casual Christianity Will Not Get You Into Heaven
Casual Christianity Will Not Get You Into Heaven

Casual Christianity

God addressed the seven churches in Revelation 2 & 3. In addition, the same message can be applied to churches today. The message commended the churches but also had its reprimands. Lukewarmness attracts a reprimand from the Lord. Which begs the question, does this apply to our churches today? He said, “I wish you were cold or hot rather than lukewarm for which I will vomit you out of My mouth…” (Rev 3:15, 16) It makes Him sick to see a lukewarm church. This could apply to each one of us. Have we become casual and accommodated the world? Have we been more concerned about the crowds and fitting in with the world rather than being hot? How would God address the church of today?

The Cross

Jesus went to the Cross for a reason. He did not have to come to earth as a man to suffer and die. However, He gave up everything in heaven, denied Himself, took up His Cross, and died. How does this compare with our walk? His call is to deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Him. Do we measure up to His call? Can we say we are hot for Him?

Total Commitment

Many like the message of the Cross but from a distance. We wear a cross to show we are a Christian. However, do we carry our cross when it comes to death to self? Christ’s call is clear. He said leave all and follow me. All in Greek means “all”. There is no room for less than 100%. Why does God demand such a commitment? I believe this is for our sake. The devil is out to get us. Only a total commitment can keep him out. As a soldier, we must be ready to die for Him. His promises are abundant yet we are satisfied with a little. We have to choose whom we will serve today. I choose to follow the Lord.

John Mathai

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