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What I Learned About God at the Laundromat

BY Jenna Norris

Someone Is Destroying Monuments of the Ten Commandments


3 Reasons Why Believing In God Is More Difficult In an Age of Terror

BY Krish Kandiah

Your Feelings Really Do Matter & Here’s Why

BY Karen Rosario Ingerslev

Share With Your Spouse: 6 Ways to Effectively Communicate Within Your Marriage

BY Vance K Jackson

God’s Protection is All Around You; An Army of Angels is Fighting for You!

BY Palitha Jayasooriya

There’s More to It Than Just Conversion: The 3 C’s of Christianity

BY Karen Rosario Ingerslev

What Does True Repentance Look Like?

BY Samuel Msiska

Here’s How to Really Pray for the Lost Ones in Your Life

BY Lisa Cooke

London Terror Attack Leaves 4 Civilians Dead and Many Wounded #PrayForLondon


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