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GOD TV Series That Will Touch Your Heart


The Elijah Generation

BY Jordan Wells

Hostile Tribe Reached For Jesus After Chief Converts. He Dies, But Lives To Testify About Eternity

BY Joyca Lorriene

I Am Like Gideon! Are You?

BY Ivarah Itofa

3 Components In My Daily Time With God

BY Ronnie Floyd

4 Years After The Emanuel Church Shooting Comes A Poignant Film Of Justice And Faith

BY Guest Contributor

Where To Go To Find A Live Christian Channel?

BY Guest Contributor

Change God’s Mind? Absolutely! Here’s How, and Why – Part 1

BY Mark Becerra

Christians Bravely Work Towards Rebuilding Homes And Churches In Syria


Georgia Threatened by Movie Giants For Defending The Unborn

BY Karin McBride-Chenoweth

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