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Dead Cows And Burned Plows

BY Ann Cuddy-Sullivan

Martin Luther King Day: UK Remembers the Great ‘Pastor and Social Revolutionary’

BY Al Gibson

Base Your Prayers On These Scriptural Promises

BY Ronnie Floyd

How Actress Melissa Hart Went From ‘Teenage Witch’ To Spiritual Warfare For Jesus


A New Year, New Wine, New Wineskins

BY Carol Comrie

How You May Be Engaging in Spiritual Warfare the Wrong Way

BY Jared Laskey

It’s Time To Push Through And Give Birth

BY Carol Comrie

From Fearful to Fearless: My Life Changed When I Began Watching GOD TV


The Way That Seems Right Vs the Way That Is Right

BY Al Roever

How You Can Stir Up Your Spiritual Gifts

BY Jared Laskey

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