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What To Do When God Says, “You’re Not Low Enough” and You’re Already Flat on the Floor

BY Tami Lightfoot

God Asked Me a Question that Changed My Life When I Was at a Crossroad

BY Kim D'Souza

God is Always Speaking: Here’s How I Almost Missed Him at the Pharmacy Today

BY Janna O'Donnell

It’s Time To Launch into Your Destiny: Your Toiling Season Is Over

BY Vance K Jackson

I Underestimated the Greatest Gift I Could Give, Did You?


“A Huge Spiritual Tidal Wave is Rising” – YWAM Founder Loren Cunningham


Worrying: The Idolization of Your Burden (Cast Your Cares Upon Him)

BY Vance K Jackson

1 Minute Read: To Seek and to Save

BY Herman Snell

Lord, Enlarge My Capacity: The Key to Being a Faithful Steward

BY Vance K Jackson

Did the Devil Make Me Do It or am I Making Too Many Excuses?

BY Sherry Nickerson

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