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Designer Babies – UK Gives Green Light to ‘Editing’ Embryonic DNA

BY Karin McBride-Chenoweth

Down Syndrome: We Wouldn’t Wish Our Daughter to be Any Other Way

BY Don Botham

“I Am Different, Because I Love Jesus” – Sean Lowe, The ‘Virgin Bachelor’

BY I am So Blessed Daily

This Woman’s Perfect World Was Falling Apart, Until Jesus Appeared In Her Dream

BY I am So Blessed Daily

Justin Bieber Vows to Let Jesus Guide His Marriage to Hailey Baldwin


THE NO PRAYER ZONE – Prayer Outside Abortion Clinics Banned

BY Karin McBride-Chenoweth

Here’s What My Grocery Shopping Taught Me about the Church

BY Dr Michael Layne

Our Extravagant God Restores the Damage Done by Our Passive Fathers

BY S.J. Hill

Train Up a Child: Taking Them Into His Presence

BY Nadine Sumithra

A Dad Speaks Up: “How My Daughter Taught Me The Gospel”

BY I am So Blessed Daily

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