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J John at Sixty. Happy Birthday to the Brilliant British Evangelist

BY Canon J John

5 Tips I Wish Someone Had Given Me About Online Dating!

BY Deborah Armin

Worship, Our Daily Bread: Hallowed be Your Name

BY Dudley Anderson

How Should Christians Act in the Workplace?

BY Deborah Armin

5 Keys to an Effective Prayer Life and Tools to Help You Dig Deeper


Diversity in the Rainbow

BY Klaas Bakker

How Do You Cope in Times of Trial? Jeri Hill Shares on Overcoming Adversity

BY Jeri Hill

WATCH: Duck Dynasty’s Phil and Kay Robertson on Faith Saving Their Breaking Marriage


Does God Really Care About Our Beauty Routines?

BY Tumi Siwoku

Dear Girls, If You’re Looking for Mr. Right, You Really Need to Hear This

BY Steven McLeish

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