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Interview with Evangelist Clayton Jennings

BY Brian Layne

Who won the BAFTA for Leading Actor? Oldman or Churchill?

BY Sally Anderson-Wai

Veronica’s Hero: From Tragedy to Triumph – A True Story

BY Jared Laskey

Suicidal Woman turns on the TV. You’ll be amazed at what happens next!

BY Deborah Armin

A Beautiful Encounter With a Girl who Called Herself an Atheist

BY Jeanet Elisa

God’s Love: He Even Knows Your Phone Number!

BY Ward Simpson

Are You Feeling Hopeless? Here’s How You Can Rise Above It

BY Abby Vision

“B” is for believe

BY Dr Michael Layne

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Here’s How YOU Can Make a Huge Impact in Israel: GOD TV Bless Israel 2018


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