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Joy And Tears As Chinese Christians Receive Their First Bible Ever

BY David Jansen C. Estose

On Life’s Busy Highway – We Are Never Abandoned

BY Jennifer Alden

The 7 Mountain Strategy And How You Can Shape Culture

BY Jared Laskey

Russiagate And The Dangerous Trap Of Believing A Lie

BY Dr. Michael Brown

Israel Does It Again… Jewish Woman Invents A Replacement For Plastic

BY Rhoda Gayle

The Jewish Jesus Comes To Times Square!

BY Al Gibson

Would You Choose To Forgive If They Burnt Your Husband And Sons Alive?

BY Amala Joseph

Is Your Heart Broken? Find Comfort In Our Good Good Father


GOD TV Presents: Day To Pray For Britain – ‘Lord Bring Healing To Our Nation’


Does God Really Tell Us Who Our Spouse Is?

BY Rhoda Gayle

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