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Actor Chad Kimball Allegedly Fired For His Christian Views

Actor Chad Kimball Allegedly Fired For His Christian Views
Actor Chad Kimball Allegedly Fired For His Christian Views

Broadway actor Chad Kimball claims he was fired from a show after openly expressing his Christian beliefs to the public.

Chad Kimball

For several years, Chad Kimball had been part of the hit show “Come from away.” That’s why it shocked him when a producer fired him from the show.

It was last year, November, when the Washington local shared a controversial stand against COVID-19 policy. The actor voiced his opinion about not letting choirs sing in limited church services. Not in favor of the policy, he boldly shared his view on Twitter where he received backlash from many followers.

Chad Kimball
Twitter | Chad Kimball

“I was confused as to why people would be so egregiously vitriolic in their responses,” he told New York Post in an interview. “Some people told me to take the [first] tweet down or apologize. But I wasn’t going to do that. I did nothing wrong.”

Photo Courtesy | Instagram – @chadkimball76

Against COVID-19 Policy

For Chad, the order was a tyrannical act. He tweeted, “Respectfully, I will never allow a Governor, or anyone, to stop me from SINGING. Let alone sing in worship to my God. Folks, absolute POWER corrupts ABSOLUTELY. This is not about safety. It’s about POWER. I will respectfully disobey these unlawful orders.”

Then a couple of months later, the show’s producer, Susan Frost, came to him and fired him. Further, he revealed that she said there were “concerns” that the “events at the Capitol. Josh Hawley, and the Conservative Christian movement were tied together and implied a connection between Mr. Kimball, by virtue of his faith. To the ideas and actions of the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol.”

Finally, the actor filed a lawsuit against the show for allegedly discriminating against his Christian views. His case stated he was “unlawfully terminated…because [his] religious beliefs simply made [his employers] uncomfortable.”

But despite what appeared to be an unfair treatment towards the actor, Chad continues to pray for his co-workers.

Reference: Faithpot

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