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Chance the Rapper Announces He’s Getting Baptized Today

the artist took to Instagram LIVE to share the news

Chance the Rapper Announces He’s Getting Baptized Today
Chance the Rapper Announces He’s Getting Baptized Today

Chance the Rapper just went LIVE on Instagram to say he’s “getting baptized today before my wedding.”

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, aka “Chance the Rapper,” is known for infusing his lyrics with scripture and themes of repentance and salvation. While not a “Christian Rapper” he is an outspoken Christian who just happens to be a world famous rapper. On his album Coloring Book he collaborates with Gospel artists Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann bridging the gap of his two worlds.

Earlier this year he took to Instagram to talk about taking some time away to study the Word of God.

“I’m on a plane headed out the country on my first sabbatical. I’m going away to learn the Word of God which I am admittedly, very unfamiliar with.”

During his sabbatical he popped on Instagram, not for self-promotion but for Kingdom promotion. For over a half an hour he simply read from scripture to his 9.5 million followers.

chance the rapper

Today, a smiling Chance jumped on Instagram again to share more scripture and humbly announce some good news.

“Basically I’m getting baptized today before my wedding.”

He is getting married to his childhood sweetheart and the woman he credits for pushing him back towards the Lord. Chance then continued on reading from his Bible pointing us to the real Good News we need today.

We pray Chance continues to seek after Christ and use his platform for God’s glory. Bless you, brother!

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