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Moving In Faith From Kronos Time To Kairos Time

Changing Our Perception In Faith

Moving In Faith From Kronos Time To Kairos Time
Moving In Faith From Kronos Time To Kairos Time

Kronos Time

Time is a dimension that we are familiar with and our clocks remind us of that. Everything is ordered based on time. We set our clocks to wake us up at a certain time. Time controls us so that we don’t get to work late or miss appointments. Some workplaces fine you if you are late for work. The time we operate in is called Kronos time. Time also has an end just as it has a beginning. We all will die one day when our time is up. However, there is another time in which God operates, and in faith we can operate in it too.

Kairos Time

God operates in Kairos time as He is beyond space and time. He is eternal, meaning He is outside of time, since He has no beginning and no end. His time is always an eternal now. When we shift to His time then we operate in an eternal now. This shift means we can expect answers in His time and not ours. This will also change how and when we can expect answers to our prayers. Since God operates outside of time, His time is now. This should raise our expectancy in prayer to expect the impossible now.

Faith In God’s Time

Faith enables us to connect with God for He is our hope. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for …” (Heb 11:1). This means that our faith is the substance that makes what we pray for tangible. When we pray for healing we can expect to be healed. When we ask for money we can expect money to come into our bank accounts. Faith is the evidence of things not seen in Kairos time. Expect your faith to deliver now the tangible answers you have been praying for. Do not limit yourself by Kronos time. God answers to faith as He is the one who asks us to trust Him by faith. Try it and see the difference to your prayers.

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