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Check Out The New Playlists On The GOD TV App!

Check Out The New Playlists On The GOD TV App!
Check Out The New Playlists On The GOD TV App!
We hope everyone has been able to find ways to stay healthy in this time of quarantine! One of the ways GOD TV is offering support is the GOD TV app.
You can watch anywhere, anytime! The app is available for download at Apple’s App Store and through Google Play.  The app is free and also works on Apple TV and Roku devices.

New Playlists

Family. Did you know that we now have a “Family” category in the GOD TV app for the entire family to enjoy together?  Programs include The Mum Show, Radical Makeovers, Family Time, and most recently, Parent Compass!
Conferences. Follow the “Conference” playlist in the GOD TV app for over 50 conferences featuring world-renown apostles, pastors, teachers, prophets and evangelists!
Worship. We also have a brand new “Worship” playlist available on the GOD TV app that is jam-packed with DAYS WORTH of worship clips pulled from events and conferences over the last few years!
Additionally, we have so many more encouraging sermons, messages, church services, series, and documentaries available to you for FREE. Programing from ministries available on the app include…
  • Andrew Wommack Ministries
  • Angus Buchan
  • Bill Winston Ministries
  • Chantell Cooley Ministries
  • Christ In Prophecy
  • Creflo Dollar
  • Doug Kaufmann
  • Duane Vander Klok
  • Elijah List
  • Generals International
  • Hillsong
  • In Touch Ministries
  • James River Church
  • Jewish Voice Ministries International
  • John Ankerberg
  • Joseph Prince Ministries
  • Joyce Meyers Ministries
  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries
  • King Jesus Ministries
  • Living Stone Ministries
  • Oral Roberts University
  • Oxford Bible Church
  • Pastor Robert Morris Ministries
  • Patricia King Ministries
  • Proclaiming Justice to the Nations
  • Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
  • Salvation Ministries
  • Sandra Kennedy Ministries
  • Shake the Nations Ministries
  • Sid Roth
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