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Chick-fil-A Worker Goes Viral For Attitude Towards A Customer

Watch the interaction here!

Chick-fil-A Worker Goes Viral For Attitude Towards A Customer
Chick-fil-A Worker Goes Viral For Attitude Towards A Customer

A video of a Chick-fil-A employee is going viral for the attitude he showed to a customer. Aside from their famous chicken sandwiches, the Christian company has been known for their wonderful staff, charity work, generosity, and excellent customer service. One employee is now making news. 

13 Facts About Chick-Fil-A You Probably Didn’t Know

Jeremiah Murrill is an employee of Chick-fil-A based in Wilmington, N.C. After a few interactions with customers, one woman got her phone out and started recording. The customer recorded a video of him and posted it on Facebook. And within three weeks, the video has already over 500,000 views.

Chick-fil-A Worker’s Constant Big Smile


In the video, Jeremiah wore a big smile to greet the customers. And his conversations with them were filled with positive words like “awesome” and “amazing”. Moreover, he treated each person with great respect going above and beyond normal customer service.

The woman who filmed him, Toya Liles, is a regular customer. She decided the world needed to see this kind young man. 

Jeremiah and the customer then had a fist bump at the end of the order.

“You guys are awesome!” he told them. “Thanks so much for choosing Chick-fil-A.”

She then posted it on Facebook and wrote, “Chick-Fil-A services is like😊… Luv this young man he like this ALL the time…..A1 services all day everyday…”

Making A Difference One Customer At A Time

WWAY-TV in Wilmington picked up Jeremiah’s story and interviewed him.

He said, “Your actions, your behavior, or the way you say something – the way you interact with people – it matters. It transforms a day. I serve a lot of guests. I try to remember each and every name in the drive-thru. That’s just a personal thing for me.”

Jeremiah also revealed in the interview his desire to own a Chick-fil-A franchise while “incorporating ministry and music.”

The local customers who knew him said he deserves the attention.

One Facebook user commented in the video, “I used to work down the street from that location and if I was ever having a bad day and drove thru he always put a smile on my face!”

And another commended him saying, “Why of course he works at Chick-Fil-A, they have the friendliest employees. This world would be a much better place with more people like Jeremiah. Keep up that awesome attitude!”

Source: Christian Headlines

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