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Child Of God, You’re Not The Same Person You Used To Be

God has given you a new identity. Embrace it!

Child Of God, You’re Not The Same Person You Used To Be
Child Of God, You’re Not The Same Person You Used To Be

Do you still embrace your insecurities? Do you allow yourself to be consumed with anger when somebody upsets you? Do you still feel intimidated? Perhaps you consider yourself as being unworthy? Are you frustrated, lonely and incapable? If you have given your life to Jesus, then it’s time to move on from these things!

You’re not the same person you used to be

The moment you encountered God was also the time He gave you your new identity. People can call you whatever they want to and you can refer to yourself in whatever way you like, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. The truth is that your creator has given you a new name and identity.

You are a new creation. However, before you completely experience the fullness of this new identity, you need to go through a process in which your faith is strengthened.

God wants to make sure that there is a transformation on the inside of us and it takes a process, often through wilderness experiences. We all need to go on a journey with God and on that journey, He shows us His strength. So if you are going through something difficult right now, remember God is dealing with your character and everything on the inside of you.

And along the process, you don’t have to go back to your old way of living and thinking. You don’t have to go to certain places that will kill your identity in Christ. The enemy is after your soul, remember you are in a battle. If he keeps on reminding you about your past, remember who you are in the eyes of God.

The people around you may also influence your identity. So surround yourself with people who will guide you throughout the journey — friends who will sharpen you. God is building something in your life, and the people around you should be helping rather than hindering you from completing all God has assigned to you.

Perhaps ask yourself this question, “Are they taking you to a place worth going?”

At the same time, be the person who also leads people to a place worth going. Help them complete the projects that God has assigned to them.

When God wants you to do something that you feel is impossible, that’s the time when He wants to show you that you’re not the same person as you used to be. Remember that God is in our midst and if we allow Him, He will demonstrate our new identity to us.

To thoroughly understand your identity in Christ, watch Pastor Priscilla Shirer as she profoundly shares from her heart.

Credit: Going Beyond Ministries

This article was written by Kriza Jo L. Tanduyan.

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