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Finding Out That Yeshua Is In The Jewish Bible

Finding Out That Yeshua Is In The Jewish Bible
Finding Out That Yeshua Is In The Jewish Bible

A Jewish man came across a prophecy about the Messiah while he was reading his Tanakh. He was afraid that it was referring to Jesus, so he consulted his more religious mother. She told him to stop reading because she thought it was from the New Testament. But, the surprise is it is in their own Jewish Bible.

Growing Up Jewish

David grew up observing all kinds of commandments in the Bible. He attended synagogues but deep inside, he never really felt God. He was a hot-tempered person, proud and impatient. It was hard having a normal conversation without him getting angry.

After serving in the military service, David went to the US. He then became a salesman who got to earn thousands of dollars. As a result, he lived for the moment – partying, doing drugs, and engaging in the pleasures of the world.

However, David knew his heart had been searching for something, yet he didn’t know what.

One day, a fellow Israeli asked him, “Have you ever felt God?” The question kept ringing inside his head. So, he prayed to God, “I want to know the truth from You!”

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The Messiah In Tanakh

As he read his Jewish Bible, Psalm 22 spoke about the Messiah pierced in the hands and feet. He was initially afraid that it was talking about Jesus, so he read the verses to his mother. But, she got stressed because she thought it was from the New Testament. The New Testament is only for Christians, and Jews are forbidden to read it. She even warned David to stop reading the New Testament if he genuinely loved her. So, they were both shocked to discover that the verses are not from the Christian Bible.

David dug deeper to know Jesus or Yeshua. He shared, “God says in Isaiah 43:11, ‘Apart from Me, there is no Savior.’ I understood that God had come and that He had forgiven my sin through Jesus the Messiah, and that was the peace I’d been searching for all my life.”

Today, David can be seen in the streets of Tel Aviv, telling the people about the truth of Jesus. Not just the friends he met in Tel Aviv but even his parents, too. Once they saw the transformation in David, they were curious as to Who changed David. So, they understood not just Jesus, the Christian, but Yeshua, the Jewish man.

Reference: Youtube | One for Israel

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