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China Destroys 3,000-Seat Christian Megachurch During Worship Service

Let's join together and pray for Christians in China.

China Destroys 3,000-Seat Christian Megachurch During Worship Service
China Destroys 3,000-Seat Christian Megachurch During Worship Service

China is one of the most dangerous places for Christians. Persecution is rampant in the nation which forces many Christian churches to have worship services underground. Recently, China Aid reported that Communist authorities have demolished another Christian church, a 3000-seat megachurch.

Last October, SWAT team members, and anti-riot police came and destroyed the church building. It happened while the church was in the middle of a worship service.

Formerly, China officially recognized the megachurch as a church network. That’s why the unfortunate happening surprised church members.

China demolish Megachurch building
Photo | China Aid

Christians Begged Communist Authorities To Stop

There were never any legal papers to authorize a demolition thus the action taken against the church was illegal. Christians begged and knelt in front of the authorities to spare the building. Some fainted and had to be sent to the hospital. But no matter their plea, they still tore it down to rubble on Friday, October 18.

Photo | China Aid

Unfortunately, the church lost all of its property without a single compensation. A video from China Aid shows the excavator pulling the building apart.

The Communist authorities then purported that they were only renovating the area. They claimed they would rebuild the church in another region.

Detained Church Pastors

Geng Yimin and Sun Yongyao, the church’s pastors, were detained because of suspicion for “gathering a crowd to disturb social order.”

China recognizes some Christian bodies in the country. However, Christians still lack religious freedom. In the past, Communist officials have threatened them countless times. They did this through editing sermons, removing crosses, and banning Sunday Schools for children. The law also prohibits minors to convert. This resulted in millions of Christian churches going underground to worship.

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Pastor Geng Yimin's detention notice
Pastor Geng Yimin’s Detention Notice
Photo | China Aid

ChinaAid President Bob Fu said, “This is yet another clear example showing the escalation of religious persecution today by the Chinese Communist regime. The total disregard of religious freedom’s protection, as enshrined in the Communist Party’s own Constitution, tells the whole world President Xi is determined to continue his war against the peaceful Christian faithful. This campaign will surely fail in the end.”

Although this was the case today for our fellow brethren in Christ, let’s continue to pray for God’s strength and protection for them. Let’s pray, “God, let Your Kingdom come and let Your will be done in China.”


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Source: China Aid

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