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Chinese Giants Seek ‘Smart Construction’ Tech in Israel


Chinese Giants Seek ‘Smart Construction’ Tech in Israel
Chinese Giants Seek ‘Smart Construction’ Tech in Israel

A delegation of leading Chinese construction and infrastructure companies has arrived in Israel to learn about Israeli innovation in the field of “Smart building” technology.

The delegation met with Israeli star-ups and entrepreneurs in construction-tech, toured companies and took part in a business seminar.

China is known for its massive infrastructure projects and large-scale building, stretching throughout Eurasia and the entire globe. In 2017, Chinese companies took part in 16% of global construction projects, worth $ 17.1 trillion.

The global construction industry has been shifting in recent years towards incorporating innovative tech into the building process, from the planning stages, through implementation and the actual building.

The advantages of such technologies include energy efficiency, various aspects of “Green Construction,” and smart home applications.

Most of the Chinese companies taking part in the delegation have already established operations in Israel and are seeking further cooperation with various Israeli tech firms, strengthening the collaboration between China and Israel in construction-tech.

The Israeli companies who met with the Chinese delegation offered a verity of inventive solutions such as robotic window cleaners for skyscrapers, new energy management systems for office buildings and Augmented Reality tech for planning, supervision and maintenance of building complexes.

Ohad Cohen, head of the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy, talked about the significant role the economic and commercial attaché network had in facilitating the cooperation between the Chinese and Israeli representatives.

“Israel’s economic and commercial attaché network in China has made great strides to spot business opportunities for Israeli industry,” said Cohen, adding that “although it is a new technological field in Israel, we recognize the significant demand for Israeli technological innovation in China and around the world.”

He invited all the Chinese companies who are interested in such cooperation to contact Israel’s commercial attaché in China.

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