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The Road Less Traveled, And Why We Must All Go There

It's fulfilling our life in Him!

The Road Less Traveled, And Why We Must All Go There
The Road Less Traveled, And Why We Must All Go There

Romans 12:12 teaches us that to rejoice in hope, we must be patient in affliction, and always be persistent in prayer. It’s in these moments of overwhelming challenge that we must know, He is always there.

More and more, pastors, ministry leaders, and peers alike, have been falling away from their faith. I’ve watched how many this last year have been overcome by doubt, wanting to “deconstruct” their Christianity, becoming desensitized to what’s really happening around them. 

This Pastor says that deconstruction has become “trendy,” sharing how we must love those struggling with doubt. I do understand the process of “building back better,” and I do understand what it means to dangerously walk away. 

I am learning that no matter what our choices may be, God is a God of second chances. He loves us and wants what’s best for us, and He will restore this order (for us), if we allow Him. 

Jesus Is Knocking

Jesus is knocking on the door of every heart and every believer, across this nation, and around the world. And though it’s been a challenging time for us all, it’s become a perfect time for this revival, being received across the land. 

It’s a season of hope and encouragement like no other time in history that we’ve witnessed. Where the land has been dry and scorched, inspiration is springing up like a newly met waters well.

The desert is finally beginning to turn green again; so, let us continue to give thanks for what He has brought us through. Let us give this hope to others, and in any way that we can.

The Road Less Traveled

We’ve all had to face our own personal trials in this world, and in making some difficult choices trying to get there. Where I had been giving my life’s work to the ministry, my son’s father died. Being left to make some crucial decisions for the two of us, I was left with questioning everything I had worked so hard for.

Together, we knew we were facing a whole new world of many unknowns. I was rebuilding a home as a single mother, taking on the necessary duties of being this “head of household.” Life was changing, and once again, it felt like I was going in the wrong direction. 

Where I had spent my time focused on making more money, I let the work go that truly mattered to me. What made me happy was the furthest thing from me. And all that should have mattered to me, was doing what I needed to, in staying closest to Him.

In Changing The Things That We Can

It was time to face my Goliath, and after making a decision to move not long after Covid-19, we were faced with yet another challenge. Going at it alone can make for a very scary scenario for anyone. God always provides a way, and I knew it was time to let go and allow Him to lead us. 

Where we had lost someone near and dear to us, there were others who were also challenged with their loss. Together, through this love and support, we did find hope in filling those empty spaces, loving one another through this process. 

Where the world tries to hang its hat on hate and revenge, our hearts needed to heal. It was in the letting go of the things that we knew we couldn’t control that we did finally learn to use this wisdom. And eventually, being able to change the things that we can. 


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