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God Healed Missionary Doctor Of Ebola

God Healed Missionary Doctor Of Ebola
God Healed Missionary Doctor Of Ebola

A Christian doctor who selflessly served in medical missions in Liberia when the Ebola virus broke out was infected with the virus. He thought he was going to die until God answered their prayers.

Ebola Virus Breakout In Liberia

When Ebola broke out in Liberia, Dr. Brantley and his wife, Amber, served in the medical missions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ebola Virus Disease is a rare and deadly disease in people and nonhuman primates, mainly on the African continent.

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The doctor described the mission to be hard because they faced death daily in the hospital. The uncertainty of not being able to go home healthy put a stress on them. However, their faith allowed them to keep serving despite the odds.

“We had to let compassion control our actions and not our fear. If we let fear reign, we never would have taken care of these patients of Ebola,” Dr. Brantley recalled.

The Christian doctor remarked then, “God doesn’t call us to safety. He calls us to follow Him.”

Dr. Brantley testimony
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Infected With The Deadly Virus

Then one day, Amber and their kids went on a trip to Texas while Brantley stayed behind in Liberia. Several days later, Brantley suddenly felt sick. And later on, they found out he was positive for the deadly virus.

The doctor felt death creeping into his life because he had the virus’s symptoms leading to death. His eyes turned bloodshot red.

“Every patient we had seen had bloodshot eyes ended up being positive for Ebola and ended up dying,” he said.

Amidst the life or death situation, Brantley and his family responded in prayer. They trusted God and kept praying for a miracle.

God answered their prayers, and in front of the media, Dr. Brantley proudly declared and testified God’s goodness.

See how God did what only He can do!

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