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Christian Group Makes Waves With New Netflix Ban

The Red Petition launched on June 4th urging Christians to cancel their subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus

Christian Group Makes Waves With New Netflix Ban
Christian Group Makes Waves With New Netflix Ban

The “Red Petition” was up for a total of a few hours when Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus started feeling the brunt of this movement.

And as of Wednesday, June the 5th, Netflix has lost $133,299.60.
Hulu, $43,526.88
And Disney Plus, $19,767.00

The numbers posted on the Red Petition website (where the numbers above were pulled from) all represent an estimated total annual loss based on the cancellation of monthly subscriptions.

Prolifers are putting their money where their mouth is

What instigated the Red Petition was the companies consideration of pulling funding from the state of Georgia following their recent abortion ban and enactment of the Heartbeat Bill. Because of the companies’ interplay with politics and their outward pro-choice stance, many prolifers are putting their money where their mouth is and finding another place for entertainment.

Netflix has vowed that if the Heartbeat Bill of Georgia passes next year that they will not only pull funding, but they are posing to join in with ACLU and move forward with legal action against the state.

Red Petition is fighting back:

“The mainstream media and entertainment companies have come out in full force against conservative values and it’s time we show them that our voice matters. Perhaps they just don’t realize how much the conservative audience is worth?”

“The conservative voice was not being heard”

The man behind Red Petition: Marcus Pittman.

“I started Red Petition because I felt like the conservative voice was not being heard,” Marcus said in an interview with Faithwire. “It’s one thing to sign a petition and just add your name to a list of other names, but I thought what really needs to happen is for that petition to calculate the value of all the customers who have or will cancel.”

Marcus and the people of Red Petition hope that as this petition circulates and catches wind, that they will cause these corporations to lose millions of dollars in monthly subscriptions. Marcus also mentioned in the interview that people are “fed up with liberal media going against their values, and ignoring them,” saying, “what liberal media and their stockholders can’t ignore is a massive loss of money.”

“It’s one thing to say conservatives have canceled Netflix, it’s another thing altogether to say ‘Conservatives across the country lost Netflix millions of dollars,’” he told to Faithwire.

To learn more and keep up with trending #BoycottNetflix, follow the link for – Informational video below.

Let’s continue to pray for this country, for voices to be heard and that peace and divine solutions would fall upon the right people. Father, we ask for wisdom and supernatural intervention in this time here in America.

Featured image from Red Petition website 


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