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Christian Parents Hold On To Faith Despite Losing Children To Car Accident

Christian Parents Hold On To Faith Despite Losing Children To Car Accident
Christian Parents Hold On To Faith Despite Losing Children To Car Accident

Brad and Crystal Sparks, with their six children, were on their way home from their two-week trip in San Antonio. The Christian parents did not know it was their last trip together as a complete family. Despite what they went through, they still hold on to faith and proclaiming “God is so good”.

According to a GoFundMe page set up by their family and friends, the Sparks drove from San Antonio to San Diego in their Chevrolet Suburban. The Sparks family consists of 6 children: Cameryn, 13, Bailey, 12, Landon, 10, Sadie, 7, Jackson, 5, Wilson, 3, and their upcoming youngest in Crystal’s womb.

They lost control of their vehicle as they went down the pitch-dark highway. “The Suburban veered from the road and rolled multiple times in a horrific accident that landed it upside down in an area that passing cars could not see them.  The Suburban had been almost entirely crushed,” the page reads.

The family sustained multiple critical injuries and yet, Crystal’s unborn child is unharmed. Unfortunately, they lost two of their children, Bailey and Landon to the accident.

Photo grabbed from Crystal’s Facebook

Christian parents

On Crystal’s Facebook post, she recalled the moment inside their upside down car. “I wondered if that’s how we would die,” she shared. “Brad was quick to start checking on the kids- calling out their names. Sadie was able to tell us that she could see Landon outside of the car but his eyes were closed, but that Bailey was missing. “

The Sparks family

She continued, “My soul immediately shriveled, but I cried out to God in my spirit, “Lord you know what I want- but Your will be done. I never could have imagined saying that in a situation so dark.”

Blessed be the name of the Lord

Upon knowing the fate of her two children, Crystal professed grief and at the same time hope. “Though my heart was crushed in an instant- knowing life on earth would never be the same, I know the Holy Spirit was with me,” she said. “Interceding on my behalf. With closed eyes and tears streaming down my face I uttered the words, “The Lord gives and takes away, so I will CHOOSE to say- blessed be the name of the Lord.”

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She even invited friends and followers to go back to Jesus. “If you have heard of God but never understood things maybe like this- how He could allow certain things to happen… well our minds cannot comprehend his ways. Stop fighting and seek Him with all your heart and He WILL meet you. It is not for us to know and understand all of the trials and afflictions we will face. Please know that He loves and cares for you deeply.”

Her faith and hope inspires many to never waver in face of trials. God is still so good and worthy of praise!

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