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Christians, ‘The Most Persecuted Religious Group Today’ UK Government Says

Release International welcomes report on Christian persecution

Christians, ‘The Most Persecuted Religious Group Today’ UK Government Says
Christians, ‘The Most Persecuted Religious Group Today’ UK Government Says

Christian Persecution Review gives UK Govt teeth

Release International has welcomed recommendations published on July 8 that will give the government teeth to deal with Christian persecution.

The Bishop of Truro’s review makes a number of key recommendations to the British Government to tackle the growing problem – which includes the possibility of imposing sanctions.

The report was commissioned by the British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who has declared Christians to be ‘the most persecuted religious group in modern times’.

He called on the Bishop of Truro to look into Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) support for persecuted Christians and make recommendations. Release International was one of the key organizations invited to take part in that research.

Christian Persecution Review

Key recommendations of the Review

The Final Review by the Rt Rev Philip Mounstephen makes 22 important recommendations that would propel the plight of persecuted Christians to the forefront of Government policy. Along with the possibility of sanctions, it calls for:

  • The UK to aspire ‘to be the global leader in championing freedom of religion and belief’
  • Freedom of Religion and Belief to become ‘central to FCO operation and culture’
  • To clearly identify ‘Christian persecution and discrimination’
  • To establish a Special Envoy for Freedom and Belief ‘with appropriate resources and authority’
  • To establish a standard scale to measure persecution
  • To set up an early-warning mechanism to prevent genocide and atrocity
  • To work to reduce tension and resolve disputes
  • And to publicly condemn atrocities

The Chairman of the Release Board, David Armond, said: ‘Release welcomes the report and recommendations, which we hope will be adopted by the Government. We commend the Bishop of Truro and his team.

‘We were pleased to be included as a key NGO to support the research phase of this project, and thank Dr. Sara Afshari for taking the lead in that. We pray these recommendations will be taken up and will improve the lives of persecuted Christians worldwide.’

You can download a copy of the Bishop of Truro’s report at Christian Persecution Review.

This post was written by Andrew Boyd

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