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Christian Web TV – Spreading A Very Powerful Message

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…

Christian Web TV – Spreading A Very Powerful Message
Christian Web TV – Spreading A Very Powerful Message

Christian Web TV is making a huge difference in the world today! In the age of YouTube and Facebook Live, having a means of reaching your audience through video has jumped to the forefront. Many blogs have been replaced by vlogs as people grow more accustomed to hearing and seeing instead of reading. It’s no wonder given the craziness of life; some people do not have time to sit and read. It is much easier to click a video link and listen to it as they drive, cook, clean, or exercise. Even daily devotions are transitioning over to a video-based platforms. Christian Web TV is increasing in popularity and quickly becoming the new trend in spreading the Gospel to a global audience.

Go therefore

Christian Web TV is the answer to the fast-paced world where many are too busy to read a daily devotion. It is continued obedience to The Great Commission, with a modern-day spin.

God’s Command – Jesus said to ‘Go!’ There is no hesitance in that word. No hidden meaning, no ‘wait until the time is right’ or ‘until you have learned everything.’ Go! Yes, according to Luke 24:49, Jesus does tell His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the power from on high comes upon them; the promised Holy Spirit. But once the Holy Spirit was poured out in Acts, they went out and began fulfilling Christ’s instruction to tell everyone about Jesus.

Today, it depends on which denomination you belong to as to what point each of us is ‘filled with the Spirit.’ Some believe it’s part of the conversion experience, others believe it’s at Baptism, while others believe it is a separate experience or when a person’s calling is realized. Regardless of when the call remains the same, ‘Go!’

Any Means Necessary – What began in a small room with 12 men exploded across the world. After the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost, even on that very day, these men proclaimed with boldness the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Little did they know that some 2,000 years later the work of the Holy Spirit would be clear for all to see via the multi media and due to the explosion of the world wide web, on Christian Web TV!

Some of these men wrote down their account of all they experienced. We now know these books as the Gospels.

Paul wrote letters to churches around the area. Men and women explored new nations, spreading the Gospel. After the invention of the radio, it opened doors to more hearers of the Word. Then television further opened the door to televangelists like Billy Graham and Pat Robertson. Now we have the Internet and Christian Web TV.  So, prominent networks like GOD TV are using online streaming more and more to spread the Good News to the next generation. These ministries are heeding the call – Go!

Make disciples of all nations

Jesus’ command does not end with ‘Go!’ And for all of our sakes, we should thank God that there was more to His plan.

God’s Message – Make disciples of all nations. God’s command is not just going to the people who are around you; to only those who look, act, and speak like you; or to only those you deem worthy. All nations – all means all. Of course, today the word ‘all’ carries greater implication than it did in the disciple’s time, but the word still has the same meaning.

Any Means Necessary – As time marches on and the methods of communication change around us, we have the opportunity to further His Kingdom in many unconventional ways. Christian Web TV is one of the methods we can use to reach those who normally wouldn’t darken the doors of a church or crack open a Bible.

I remember the days of tract ministry. I don’t know if these exist much anymore. But for those of you remember getting together with your youth group and going into the city on a Friday or Saturday evening and handing out pamphlets that touted various scriptures, you would hand out dozens in the hope of getting just one person to respond. From John 3:16 to the Roman Road we had all kinds of tracts… Yes, many became road litter or were tossed into the nearest receptacle, but there were always stories of that one person who chose to respond.

Christian Web TV

Today’s trend is social media which can of course include Christian Web TV. This means sites like and can deliver the Gospel and give as much personal touch as being there in person. Writing can bring about a response, but you cannot feel the passion behind it. Video, on the other hand, gives a visual representation of the emotions felt by the one delivering the message, it has a greater impact than any written word or printed tract.

While I am too young to have watched it the first time round, I was a huge fan of Star Trek reruns. Star Trek fan or not, everyone knows the saying, “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” This well-known phrase is an excellent code for Christian ministries to live by. Jesus commanded us, Go and make disciples of all nations. – Go! By any means necessary!! And that includes via Christian Web TV, If you would like to help GOD TV with our Christian Web TV outreach please click to become a modern day media missionary.

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This post was written by Jeff S Bray

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