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Questioning Christianity… How Do You Explain God to Kids?

GOD TV's Questioning Christianity series gets viewers thinking

Questioning Christianity… How Do You Explain God to Kids?
Questioning Christianity… How Do You Explain God to Kids?

Christianity: explained or encountered?

“How do you share the Gospel with a child?” asks Calvin Samuel, principal of the London School of Theology on GOD TV’s groundbreaking series, Questioning Christianity. Also, “Is Christianity to be explained or encountered?” he contemplates.

Watch this video clip from episode 8 and hear answers from the GOD TV panel, comprising of Sarah Yardley, Chick Yuill, Sue Eldridge and Cris Rogers. Together with Calvin they draw from personal parenting experiences to share how they would explain God to a child. This dynamic group of ministry leaders will inspire you as you hear their responses to these questions.

Christianity is a topic that will continue to be debated for years to come.  However, to truly engage with God, we need to come to Him with simple childlike faith. Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”  After weighing up all the tough questions Christianity presents, we simply need to embrace God as our Father as we are His children.

Other episodes of Questioning Christianity

In addition to their conversation about explaining God to a child, the panel also deal with the topic of ‘Sin’ .  Together they examine questions such as: What is sin and where is the line? And, are some things okay for some people but not others?

Episode 9 deals with Sovereignty: Is God in absolute control? Host Krish Kandiah looks at how God could allow genocide, sickness and terrorism, along with a fresh panel (Andy Flannagan, Tiffany Buhler, Luke Taylor and Stephen Sutton).

Finally in Episode 10, the panel focuses on Worship. Krish and panel (Andy Flannagan, Tiffany Buhler, Debbie Harvie and Scott Mcnamara) discuss Worship and it’s importance, answering questions like: Can I encounter God listening to heavy metal?

What viewers are saying about Questioning Christianity

  • One of the best series GOD TV has ever done!” says Al;
  • Excited to see these broadcasts each week,” says Nicci.
  • Questioning Christianity is really well done. Everyone speaks from the Word, sharing their experiences, with good discussions,” says Joyce.
  • “You are going to want to tune into Questioning Chrisitainty. It’s a great concept tackling those big questions in relaxed way”, says Scott.

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All 10 episodes of Questioning Christianity are available for online viewing. Watch now and share!

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