Take a look into the making of GOD TV’s Christmas Idents | God TV

Take a look into the making of GOD TV’s Christmas Idents

2017 Christmas Campaign Focuses on Togetherness

Take a look into the making of GOD TV’s Christmas Idents
Take a look into the making of GOD TV’s Christmas Idents

Our 2017 idents – Behind the Scenes with GOD TV Creative Services

Each Christmas GOD TV’s Creative Services Department, headed by Charlie Bown, devises a series of festive idents. These are short video sequences that air in between broadcasts to identify the channel. This year they focus on togetherness with the message – Christmas on GOD TV – Together We Are Family. Watch one of the idents below and see other versions of the idents on GOD TV during the Christmas season.


The GOD TV Creative Services team conceptualised and wrote the indents as a joint effort and they feature GOD TV staff, their families and friends, with everyone pooling their resources illustrating togetherness in a dynamic way.

“We designed the idents to be relatable to everyday life and relevant to our partners / viewers,” says Leah Beecham who directed and produced the campaign. “Moreover, we wanted to be mindful to draw on the true Christian meaning of Christmas with a song chosen which has a modern spin on the birth of Christ.”

filming GOD TV's Christmas dents

Let us know what you think of the idents!

The song is titled ‘Holiest of Nights’ and sung by Abigail Alton who is a talented British singer. Bob Bradley, who is an award-winning composer produced the sound track. It was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

Filmed in Devon, UK GOD TV’s 2017 Christmas idents feature a full cast representative of the GOD TV Family. We recorded some of the shots in homes in Plymouth as well as at the Christmas market in the grounds of Exeter Cathedral. In addition to Charlie and Leah’s direction, other members of the GOD TV Creative Services team in Plymouth have contributed including Callum Taylor who is the editor and Melissa Noble who is responsible for the brand design and behind the scenes photography. GOD TV’s sound engineer, Richard Hargrave mixed the sound.

We think we have a talented team at GOD TV who are using their God-given gifts to the fullest. We’d love to hear what you think about the idents though. Please share your thoughts here on the blog or via social media.

We hope you love the idents and wish you a wonderful Christmas. Together We Are Family!


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