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Christmas Season 2018

Don't lose sight of the present joy of the season by focusing too much on the past.

Christmas Season 2018
Christmas Season 2018

You would think with the holiday season upon us that it would make people feel better, feel happy, and make any bad situation seem a little brighter. Some wounds are just not healed by Buddy The Elf , and not everyone thinks It’s A Wonderful Life, and even if it’s A White Christmas there may still be no Miracle On 34th Street.

In this real world we live in, sadness at the holidays may be inescapable for some people. I wish there was a magic wand with real glittery fairy dust to sprinkle over someone to make everything okay. I, myself, have had a few Christmases that were more of a battle and challenge to get through, than joyful.

Sadness makes a heart heavy, and a broken heart is a pain no one can understand unless they too have had one.
 I have written all that to say: if you find yourself feeling this way maybe you can’t change your current situation, but you could lift up your head, take a deep breath, and go do something for someone else. I promise you, this WILL help how you feel. My mother always told me if I was sad, doing something for someone else would ease my own sadness. We, by nature, are nurturers and want to help others. It’s what makes us human. Hopefully, we haven’t totally lost that.

I don’t want anyone to miss a moment of this 2018 Christmas season

When hope shines a little brighter, the unexpected could show up. We may need a miracle, or we may be able to BE a miracle for someone else.

At its core the holiday season stirs up so many memories for people; old movies, old songs, old pictures, tried and true recipes, and so much more. It’s ironic that a lot of the meaning behind Christmas is at the root of the things we remember, the days already gone by. Cherishing yesterday, its memories, and traditions is a major element in our celebration, but don’t lose sight that THIS “right-now time” is the only moment where you can still redirect the course.

This Christmas season 2018, enjoy being in the here and now, before it becomes a distant memory. Don’t get caught up in trying to make it some Martha Stewart style holiday. There is still a lot of time to make this season “joyful and triumphant.” Offer forgiveness, help the poor, open a door, buy a stranger a cup of hot coffee, reconnect with a dear friend.

The joy of Christmas came to us, through a baby

Nothing could be more simple, or joyful than that.

If we all work together and care about each other – friend and stranger alike – maybe the world would be a little less dark. Light will shine a little brighter. Your own heart may start to heal.


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