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Claudio Freidzon: A Passion For Glory

Claudio Freidzon shares his heart for Light The Fire Again - The revival event that is just one week away!

Claudio Freidzon: A Passion For Glory
Claudio Freidzon: A Passion For Glory

Ever since the 2018 Light the Fire Again Conference in Toronto, I’ve had something in my heart: a desire to stir up passion for the Holy Spirit in the Church.

God is lifting up men and women who have a passion for the Holy Spirit. If we seek Him, we will find Him. We know this is true from Scripture. In the Bible, we read that Moses had a passion to see God and He revealed Himself in the burning bush. John the Baptist had a passion to see God and he saw the Glory of God come down on Jesus. God is not a respecter of persons. He will not treat us differently than He treated them. If we are passionate to see Him, to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit, He will show up!

When I was just a young teenager, I first saw my future wife, Betty. I would see her a few minutes each day when she went in and out of her home. I fell in love with her. So much so, that even when my family moved to a different city, I never forgot about her – I maintained my passion for her.

When I was old enough, I went back to our home town and literally knocked on door, after door, after door until I found her again. Now, she is my bride and the love of my life. It was worth the time I took to find her. She was worth searching for.

A desire to stir up passion for the Holy Spirit in the Church.

I share this story because it is all the more true that the Glory of God is worth looking for. He is worth the effort to pray, praise, worship, and seek. We should all get in our prayer closets and search for Him on our own. But we must also come together as a body of believers and cry out to find Him – to know where He is and join Him there.

That is exactly why I’ve been a part of the Light the Fire Again Conferences and why I’m thrilled to meet with thousands of my brothers and sisters in Pensacola this September. We are going to look for God and He is going to show Himself. And when we see Him, it will change everything. When you encounter God’s authentic presence you fall so in love that you will knock on door, after door, after door until you find Him again. Are you ready to knock on His door with us in Florida? I hope so – I know you won’t be disappointed.

– Claudio Freidzon

Join us NEXT WEEK in Pensacola, Florida!


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