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Coming Out Of Your Dry Season

“He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” - John 7:38

Coming Out Of Your Dry Season
Coming Out Of Your Dry Season

Where you find water, you can’t find drought. The reverse is true as well. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a season where we feel empty. We feel far from God. We hardly understand His will in our lives. Our feelings, our progress, and everything… all dry. It is a season where we try to understand who we are, but we simply can’t discover who we are. We are dry. Dry emotionally, dry physically and dry spiritually.

Many of us don’t know what to do during our dry season. This can be because we lack motivation. We only see our current situation. However, for the children of God, a dry season is a season of preparation. Thus, during a dry season we can still find a drop of water because we know where the source is.

What should we do when we find ourselves in a dry season?

The first thing we have to do is reset our focus on the Living Water. We may not see the water pouring out now, but focusing on the Living Water, which is God, found in his Word, enables us to generate a new Spirit. We start believing in the promises of God. During the dry season, as Children of God, we are hoping for the fulfillment of God’s promises. A drop of water could revitalize our faith. Emotionally dry, one taste from God’s Word, we become fortified emotionally. When we are physically dry, with the taste from God’s Word, we start smiling. It’s true when we are spiritually dry, too.  One taste and we start sharing our faith with others. In short, it is the taste of the Living Water that sustains us through dry seasons.

Getting Strong during your dry season

In dry season, the Living Water causes the weak to be strong, the sad to rejoice and the hopeless to be hopeful. During a dry season, it is important we drink from this Living Water daily. In fact, we should drink as much as possible because it does not go empty. This means we have to study the Scripture daily. Studying alone will not appease our thirst. We must apply this in our lives by pouring the water into the drought. Don’t drink it only to satisfy your thirst, pass it on as well. Try to give others a taste of the Living Water.

A dry season is the phase of waiting for God’s intervention, fulfillment of His promise and the revelation of his Word. While waiting; drink and grow, so that you can handle your next promotion.

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