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Coming To Our Senses

Wakey, wakey!

Coming To Our Senses
Coming To Our Senses

The current transition, shift, restoration and revelation journey many are on includes a new awareness of our ‘senses’. This is true in the natural but even more so in the spiritual. In order to successfully navigate what lies ahead we will need this heightened ‘sense’ awareness as well as sensitivity to Holy Spirit. The ‘religious’ can see and hear truth but does not perceive it or ‘know’ (experience) it (Acts 28:6).

When we live from a place of ‘mindfulness’ we can engage with our natural senses in a much more meaningful and effective way, which leads us to discover many sights, sounds, smells etc. we were previously too busy and preoccupied to notice.

There is a parallel in the spiritual realm. God is asking us to position ourselves to live from a place of His ‘rest’ and engage with Him so that we can see, hear and know those things that we have been too over busy, distracted or dismissive of before. Coming from this place of ‘union’ with Him leads us to a new level of revelation which positions us to fulfill our destiny and collaborate with God and His plan for humanity.

There are specific areas to allow Holy Spirit to sharpen, sensitize and develop:

Clarity of Vision (sight).
Keenness of Hearing (hearing).
Awareness/Discernment of what’s around us (senses of touch and smell).
‘Tasting’ God. (Psalm 34:8): Drinking deeply, to saturation point, His presence and experiencing the pleasure of intimacy with God.

It’s worth noting that, in the natural, four  senses are external to us but the 5th (taste) is internal. So it is with our spiritual senses. When our intimacy with God is strong then the other ‘senses’ are heightened.

In the times ahead these things will be a necessity not an optional extra if we are to rise up as the children of God. In this context it’s good to consider the ‘revelation’ gifts given by the Spirit (1 Cor 12:8-11) they are: prophecy, discernment, tongues and interpretation, words of knowledge and wisdom.

These giftings will have a calibre we’ve rarely seen before when we are living with Him in intimacy and from a place of His rest.

It is time to undertake this journey with Him if you haven’t already done so.


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