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Community Life: Find Your Tribe, Your Village, Your Faith Family

Discovering My Faith Community

Community Life: Find Your Tribe, Your Village, Your Faith Family
Community Life: Find Your Tribe, Your Village, Your Faith Family

We aren’t meant to do this life alone. Although relationships can sometimes be messy, God’s intention for us is unity and community with the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and with other Believers. Doing life through community is faith-building, hope-restoring, and life-changing if you allow it to be.

Discovering a Kingdom Community

A few years back, I discovered a Kingdom community, a group of believers who lived in connection with each other according to Acts 2:46-47. A young woman, who is now one of my closest friends, approached my husband and me after a church service and invited us to join a college and careers ministry group. We scoffed at the idea at first. After all, why would a bunch of early twenty-somethings want to hang out with two people in their mid-thirties? Only God knows why we agreed to go (it was unlike us to go to a weekly group meeting of any type, honestly). However, the first group meeting changed everything, and we knew these people were part of our lives for life.

At the first meeting, we realized two things. First, this faith community wasn’t full of acquaintances who just “did church” together and were strangers every other day of the week. They were friends with deep levels of prayerful engagement in each other’s lives like I had never experienced. Second, the group may have met on a local university campus; but the group was not truly a college-based ministry. The group had a wonderful mixture of college students in their early twenties, young professionals through their early thirties, and others who were like mothers and fathers to the group.

A Close-Knit Community

Over the years, the meeting location and regular meeting time changed. We gained a few new people and lost a few others, but the group’s core mission and bond remained. This group loves well together, prays together, teaches together, and hopes together. We witnessed a couple in the group get engaged and marry. Most of us experienced career changes. We cried through sorrows and illness. We saw God do the miraculous.

My Prayer for You

My Kingdom community is full of people who are more than acquaintances and closer than friends. They’re the covenant-based family you get to choose, and I’m forever grateful. If you’re searching for this type of community or never knew you needed one, may God put people in your path to walk alongside you and strengthen your walk with the Lord as Paul describes in Hebrews 10:24-25.

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