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Concerns Rise Over Disappearance of Chinese Human Rights Attorney

Jiang Tianyong and 2 family members disappear on day set for his release

Concerns Rise Over Disappearance of Chinese Human Rights Attorney
Concerns Rise Over Disappearance of Chinese Human Rights Attorney

A human rights attorney and two of his family members went missing in Zhengzhou, China, on March. 1st after he was scheduled to be released from prison yesterday, according to BBC News.

Initially, authorities told the family of imprisoned human rights attorney Jiang Tianyong, who just finished a two-year prison sentence on a trumped-up subversion of state power charge, he would be relocated to Zhengzhou after his release and not allowed to return home.

Some of his supporters traveled to the jail on the day of his scheduled release, expecting to pick him up, but the officials told them he had already been moved to another, unknown location. They did not disclose who had moved him.

Since then, his wife, Jin Bianling, who fled to the USA has not been able to contact him. A public security bureau officer told Wang Qiaoling, the wife of persecuted human rights attorney Li Heping, that Jiang being “relocated to somewhere other than his hometown” is legal since he was sentenced to two years in prison with three years’ of political rights deprivation. However, this is a violation of Chinese law.

In addition, Jiang Tianyong’s father and sister’s phones have been shut off and no one has been able to reach them. Both of his missing family members planned to meet him outside the prison.


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▎被關的中國維權律師 即將刑滿獲釋 ! 中國維權律師江天勇在2017年被判「煽動顛覆國家政權」,處以有期徒刑兩年。根據判決,他會在2月28日這天刑滿獲釋。 在獄中這段期間江天勇極有可能受到酷刑或其他形式的虐待。不但監獄環境惡劣、導致身心健康惡化,他曾稱自己一日被強迫餵食不知名藥物兩次;他的父親也看過他雙手雙腳被銬在鐵椅上 … .. 隨著刑期即將獲滿,我們一起期待江天勇回家,歸向自由。 【 瞭解江天勇律師的遭遇】 ➥ #709crackdown #JiangTianyong #CountdowntoFreedom #709大抓捕 #自由倒數中

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Jiang was initially taken into police custody while returning home to Beijing after visiting the wife of Xie Yang, another human rights attorney who was imprisoned for his work, in November 2016. He stood trial in August 2017.

In the past, Jiang advocated for the rights of people groups commonly suppressed by the Chinese government, including religious minorities and lawyers caught up in China’s 2015 crackdown on legal professionals who defend people imprisoned for their beliefs. His activism has landed him in jail multiple times, according to TIME Magazine, and he reported suffering torture.

TIME also cited human rights scholars from the United Nations, who “expressed fear for Jiang’s alleged ailing health, saying that he suffered memory loss and was possibly drugged while in detention.”

These claims match testimonies from other released human rights lawyers, who say they were forced to take unknown medication during their time behind bars.

ChinaAid calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Jiang and his father and sister, since their arbitrary detention and forced disappearance are unequivocal violations of international human rights legislation and China’s own laws. In addition, those who enacted this abuse must be held accountable as violators of Chinese law and the international human rights agreements of which China is a signatory.

SOURCE: Christian Newswire / ChinaAid 

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