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Copyright Infringement: Katy Perry Ordered To Personally Pay Half A Million Dollars

What should we as Christians learn from this case?

Copyright Infringement: Katy Perry Ordered To Personally Pay Half A Million Dollars
Copyright Infringement: Katy Perry Ordered To Personally Pay Half A Million Dollars

The ruling has been given in the Katy Perry copyright infringement case: Katy has been ordered to personally pay half a million dollars in an award to Christian Rapper, Flame (Marcus Gray) that totals $ 2.7 million.

Last month, a Los Angeles Jury found Katy Perry guilty of plagiarizing the 2009 Christian rap song in her 2013 hit “Dark Horse”, now they have mandated her to pay $550,000 out of her own money for copyright infringement.

During the trial, the court asked Katy to give a statement as a piece of evidence. She maintained that she had never heard of Flame’s ‘Joyful Noise’ or even about Marcus Gray before recording ‘Dark Horse’.

The copyright infringement case

The case goes back five years. Marcus Gray aka Flame first filed the legal case in 2014, claiming that the beat from his song ‘Joyful Noise’ had been used without permission.

The complaint reads as follows;

“Defendants never sought or obtained permission from plaintiffs to use the ‘Joyful Noise’ song in creating, reproducing, recording, distributing, selling, or publicly performing defendants’ song. Plaintiffs never gave any of the defendants’ permission, consent, or a license to use ‘Joyful Noise’ for any purpose, including the creation of a derivative work based on ‘Joyful Noise’.”

The court found in favor of Marcus Gray, screen name ‘Flame’, after deciding officially that the 2013 Katy Perry’s song Dark Horse copied the beat of his song Joyful Noise and that that Katty, her producers, and songwriters were also responsible.

The judge’s ruling

Since the court found Katy Perry guilty, the judge ordered her to pay $550,000 from the money she made off “Dark Horse”.

Katy’s attorney, Christine Lepera, called the decision a “travesty of justice” and their legal team plan to make an appeal.

Altogether the award given to Flame totals $ 2.7 million, mostly coming from Katy’s label Capitol Records. However, according to BBC reports, he was hoping to be given considerably more, up to $20 million.

“These defendants made millions and millions of dollars from their infringement of the plaintiffs’ song,” his attorney Michael Kahn told the court.

What do we make of this?

What can we as Christians learn from this case? Firstly copyright infringement is a serious matter and in this Internet Age we should be very cautious to copy other people’s work and pass it off as our own.  This is lying and we are called to walk in truth.

Like Marcus Gray we should be prepared to make a stand for the integrity of our work and trust God for His favor and grace to be upon us in any battle, legal or otherwise. And, when God rewards us with a vindication like this we should be prepared to share the proceeds for the extension of His kingdom.

Pray for Kary Perry that God would use this case to bring her closer to Him, that she would use her gifts and talents for Him.

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Reference: Christian Today

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