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What If Your Breath Could Be Used To Sniff Out Sickness?

SniffPhone is an amazing new development

What If Your Breath Could Be Used To Sniff Out Sickness?
What If Your Breath Could Be Used To Sniff Out Sickness?

We use our smartphones for just about everything these days so the world is constantly on the look out for the next innovative app that will radically transform our lives… Despite this, we continue to live in a world where people we know and love still die of diseases like cancer. Perhaps that is all about to change…

What if a simple, easily accessible technological breakthrough could end cancer and other diseases through an effective early warning system… What if we could sniff out sicknesses and diseases before they take hold of our lives?

The answer is that we now can through a mindboggling advancement – SniffPhone – a smart phone add on and app that can be used to send breath samples to a doctor for analysis. It sounds easy enough for everyone to be able to do this, and could make a massive difference in combatting sickness and disease by catching them in their early stages.

Israel on the forefront of life-changing technology

Once again Israel has broken new ground in technology blessing the world. The nanosensors of the SniffPhone were developed in Israel by Arab-Israeli scientist, Professor Hossam Haik. Watch this video which Israel’s Ambassador to the USA, Ron Dermer shared on Twitter.


How the SniffPhone Works

According to SniffPhone – EU, the SniffPhone is a compact handheld device that measures exhaled breath for early diagnosis of disease especially cancer. The user holds the device in front of their mouth, and exhales. SniffPhone uses highly sensitive nanotechnology-based chemical sensors to sample the exhaled breath. This is then sent via the SniffPhone App to a dedicated cloud platform to be analyzed by medical personnel.

“SniffPhone has an unparalleled advantage over traditional screening methods,” SniffPhone (EU) says. “The device is comfortable and painless to use and provides a simple and cost-effective alternative for medical professionals.”

We thank God for the creative ideas He gives to bring solutions to the the most difficult of problems and we pray this innovation will be used effectively to save a great many lives.

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