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Could You be God’s Helen Of Troy?

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Could You be God’s Helen Of Troy?
Could You be God’s Helen Of Troy?

Could You be God’s Helen Of Troy?

There once was a beautiful woman named Helen who lived in the ninth century before Christ. She was the wife of the king of Greece. The king was madly in love with her. One evening Paris, the prince of Troy, came under the cover of night and took Helen away. Paris had fallen in love with Helen and had stolen her from the king of Greece. History tells us that this started the Trojan War. The two kingdoms went to war over one woman. According to tradition, because of the king’s great love for Helen, he launched over a thousand ships just to get his wife back. Instead of calling her Helen of Troy, we should call her “Helen the Pursued” or “Helen the Fought-Over.”

The human inner longing

Few of us have ever felt as pursued as Helen, yet each one of us has arrived in the world longing to be special to someone. As little children we longed to find favor with our parents. We have worked hard to win awards, gain accolades, and feel the tender but firm pat on the back for a job well done. But we haven’t always walked away with blue ribbons or the kind words we’ve needed to hear. Moms were busy. Dads worked long hours. Often, as young boys and girls, we grew up wondering if we would ever be noticed. And the cry of our hearts for affirmation remains.

As we enter the Christian life, few people take us aside and talk to us for the sole purpose of learning something about us. How many people have ever sat down with us and just wanted to know who we really are? Not many. As result, we pursue our identity in superficial things.

Even in our society identity is usually assessed by what we do—housewife, businessperson, Sunday school teacher, student, doctor—rather than who we really are. So we conclude there is nothing in our hearts that is really worth knowing. It’s happened to me. And it’s happened to you. Because we haven’t felt special, we are left with the inner feeling that something is missing, and somehow we are incomplete.

This is in stark contrast to the experience of Helen of Troy, who was not only told of her value and beauty but also witnessed it as two kingdoms went to war over her. There’s no doubt that she felt pursued, loved, and special.

God’s Helen of Troy

I believe that every one of you is a “Helen of Troy” in God’s eyes. Through the finished work of Christ, you are beautiful and of great value to Him. He looks at you and sees someone so special that He has to look again and again and again.

The similarities to Helen of Troy extend beyond the wonder of your physical, emotional, and spiritual makeup. Did you know there is a war being fought over you? There are two sides. There are two kingdoms. And they both are fighting for you. This is both a powerful concept and a harsh reality. The lover of your heart is calling you, wooing you, and pursuing you. He is constantly trying to get your attention, your affections, and your heart. But there is also another kingdom fighting for you. It’s the kingdom of darkness. The enemy and his cohorts are after you as well. They will try to entice you with compromise, temporary pleasure, and sin. They will woo you with lesser lovers, false fulfillment, and short-term gain.

This is why you need to know that God is always drawing your heart toward Him. His love and desire for you aren’t based on what you do for Him but on who He has made you to be for Himself! He’s deeply moved by you, even in your immaturity. His love is meant to fascinate you and captivate your heart with His passion for you. Always remember that you’re a “Helen of Troy” in your Father’s eyes!

This article was written by S. J. Hill who is the author of several books including What’s God Really Like?; Enjoying God; and A Love for the Ages.  S. J.  is a gifted Bible teacher with more than 40 years of ministry experience, at Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and Mike Bickle’s School of Ministry. His passion is to invite people to enjoy God out of an understanding of His enjoyment of them.



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