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COVID-19 Infections in Israel Skyrocket, Break Record


COVID-19 Infections in Israel Skyrocket, Break Record
COVID-19 Infections in Israel Skyrocket, Break Record

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection rate in Israel continued to skyrocket on Tuesday and set records with almost 10,000 new cases in the past 24 hours, the highest number recorded since the outbreak of the pandemic in February 2020.

Israel passed the half-million cases mark on Tuesday with  504,269 patients in the past 11 months.

The Ministry of Health updated Tuesday morning that it documented 9,613 new infection cases over the past day. The number of people infected today is double the number 104 days ago.

Of the 129,589 tests done on Monday, a very high 7.6% returned positive.

A record 1,071 patients hospitalized with Corona are in serious condition, 270 of them are on life support, the highest number since the outbreak.

3,723 Israelis have died of the virus.

In the meantime, the health system continued with its operation to inoculate the population and moved into the phase of administering the second dose of the Pfizer-developed vaccine.

Over 1,854,000 Israelis have received the first dose of the vaccine in the past three weeks, some 21% of the population, including 72% of those aged 60 years and above, and 80% of those 70 years and older.

Professor Eran Segal, a computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science and an expert on COVID-19 in Israel, estimated that the effect of the vaccines on the morbidity rates will be seen in the coming week with a drop in the relative number of elderly citizens out of the total of critically ill patients.

He noted that there is a “great similarity” between the number of patients currently hospitalized and the number hospitalized during the second wave of infections in the country.

The peak of hospital admissions in the second wave was 16 days after the closure, and today, Israel us 15 days into the third closure.

“Hopefully, there will be similar braking, and now there are the vaccines as well,” he said.

He expressed hope about the “first signs of the effects of the vaccines,” but the situation is “still noisy so we will wait a bit longer.”

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