COVID-19 Patient Gives Birth While In Coma—A Miracle | God TV

COVID-19 Patient Gives Birth While In Coma—A Miracle

COVID-19 Patient Gives Birth While In Coma—A Miracle
COVID-19 Patient Gives Birth While In Coma—A Miracle

A pregnant woman infected with COVID miraculously gave birth to a baby girl while in a coma.

Pregnant Woman Diagnosed With COVID

In March 2020, Angela Primachenko was admitted to the hospital with a fever and a persistent cough. Doctors then found out she had been infected with COVID-19. A few days later, her symptoms got worse. And to make things tougher, she was 33 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

According to the doctor, it’s crucial for a pregnant woman to have coronavirus. The baby’s presence at 33 weeks puts a lot of stress on a mother’s body, especially her lungs. Both of the mom and baby’s lives are at stake. Thus, doctors decided to wait as long as possible to deliver the baby.

However, as time went by, the 27-year-old’s lungs weakened even further. So, doctors decided to induce her to a coma and put her on a ventilator.

When Angela’s family heard the news, they fought in prayer, praying for a miracle. Community of friends and people on social media contended with them in prayer as well.

Giving Birth While In Coma

Then on April 1, despite her weakened lungs, the doctor induced labor. So, even in a coma, Angela gave birth to a healthy baby girl—Ava. She picked the name months before the coronavirus hit her. It means “breath of life.”

COVID-19 patient gives birth while in coma
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On Palm Sunday of 2020, Angela started to crash and everyone prepared for the worst. But her sister kept reminding herself that God can do miracles. And the next day, Angela was breathing on her own.

After 16 days, doctors finally discharged Angela from the hospital. And two weeks later, she was already free from COVID-19. The best moment for her then was finally holding her baby for the first time.

“He’s been by my side the entire time even when I felt like I was alone. Even when I literally was alone, God was still right there beside me,” Angela remarked.

“God hears our prayers. There’s no prayer that comes empty. Every single prayer, He holds it close to His heart,” Angela’s sister said.

Praise God for the miracle!

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