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COVID-19 Survivor Credits Hospital Worker’s Prayer For His Recovery

“God is a God that is personal."

COVID-19 Survivor Credits Hospital Worker’s Prayer For His Recovery
COVID-19 Survivor Credits Hospital Worker’s Prayer For His Recovery

A COVID-19 survivor shared how God used a hospital cleaner to pray for his healing.

COVID-19 Survivor

Pastor Lee McClelland of the Ark Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland contracted the coronavirus. He had to be in the hospital’s isolation ward and as his condition deteriorated, he began to lose hope.

The pastor also felt alone because no one could visit him. He later admitted to being in a dark place during that moment. However, when he felt unsure about his fate, God sent someone for him. God sent a hospital cleaner to encourage the sick pastor and pray for his recovery.

“In the isolation ward, when no one else can get in, no pastor, no friend, no family members. When no one else was allowed in, God sent a cleaner,” Pastor Lee said.

Hospital cleaner

That hospital cleaner had been a missionary in Nigeria for 14 years. Now he works in the hospital and continues to spread hope and the love of God.

During the time the pastor was in the isolation ward, the cleaner would visit him daily. He would encourage him and pray for him from a distance. And after some time, Pastor Lee’s condition improved.

God answered the pastor’s prayer through the hospital cleaner. Pastor Lee recalled that when he craved for prawn crisps and coke, the cleaner showed up the next day with a bag of oranges, prawn crisps, and coke. The cleaner then told him that it was a gift from God.

“God is a God that is personal,” pastor Lee testified.

Pastor Lee eventually recovered from the coronavirus and was discharged from the hospital. On a video he posted on YouTube, he encouraged everyone to “never underestimate” God.

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Reference: The Christian Post 

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