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Created For His Glory

Do you know why you were created?

Created For His Glory
Created For His Glory

Created For His Glory

2 Corinthians 3:18 says, “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.”


We often ask ourselves, why we were created? This question may have first occurred to us when we were sixteen. However, we probably didn’t take it too seriously at the time. We probably believed that we were made to enjoy our sweet sixteen, conforming to whatever the world threw at us. After all, everybody does it. But sometimes, the intensity of the question of purpose comes when we find ourselves in a distressing situation.

During such situations, we feel lost and we no longer find help from those who we thought were friends or confidants. In that moment we feel alone. We ask ourselves, “is life actually good? Why were we created?” We might have been sixteen,  twelve, twenty, or even fifty when we truly dealt with this question. We were made to ask this question; to find purpose and substance on our lives. I believe that this question is not a self-generated one, but a God-driven one.

Seeking purpose

During that challening time we  probably tried to answer the question, we turned to various places just to make sense of things. Some turn to teachers, others try various types of religions. Nonetheless, whilst roaming about, the heart is still empty. We still feel that void that cannot be filled.

I was fifteen when I asked myself this question: “Who am I?” Born and raised in a Christian home, my first and only source of identity was my faith in God. I knew I could not go about, following the ways of the world. I could have searched my I AM in unhealthy relationships, in drugs and alcohol, at different parties, or even in other religions. But I always knew the Love of God was too strong and unconditional for me to not embrace it. At sixteen, I answered this question with: “I AM who God says I AM.” However, this quieted my urge for a purpose-filled life only till the age of twenty when I started studying and seeing how other people lived their lives. I got to search anew the main reason for my life on this earth: “Why was I created?”

The Glory of God

Frustrated with everything I was doing, I lost my hope, I lost that dream of the young sixteen-year-old girl who had thought She WAS who She WAS. It was not easy being who I WAS created to be. This new phase taught me that it takes more than just to know who I AM, but I had to live out my I AM as well. That moment was a moment of enlightenment for me. I started studying the promises of God in my life. And God started revealing who I truly AM. My I AM had a lot hidden, and still hides more things. In all this, my I AM and your I AM are created for the manifestation of God’s glory.

God’s Glory is not revealed at once, but step by step. The more we encounter our Messiah, the more we understand where he wants to use us. By fulfilling this purpose His Glory becomes true on earth. We were created for His Glory. When we strive to fulfill His Glory, we encounter our purpose.

Who are you?


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