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Creflo Dollar and God’s Unexpected Plan

One small Bible study grew into a global ministry and impacted millions.

Creflo Dollar and God’s Unexpected Plan
Creflo Dollar and God’s Unexpected Plan

Creflo Dollar did not plan to become a world renowned preacher. He didn’t even plan to serve in the ministry. He had plans to have a football career!

After an injury placed him on the sidelines, Creflo Dollar pursued a career in counseling. During his recovery, he began to teach a Bible study with some fellow students at West Georgia College. He discovered he had a knack for teaching. Attendees called him charismatic and skillful. In 1986 he felt a calling to go into full-time ministry.

Creflo Dollar Ministries

Creflo and his wife Taffi began a small church in the cafeteria of a local elementary school. Eight people attended their first service. Creflo named the church after his college Bible study, World Changers.

World Changers Ministries Christian Center began to grow rapidly. They moved into a dedicated building but grew so large they had to have four services each Sunday. Finally, in 1995, they moved into the church’s present location in College Park, Georgia. The church building is known as the World Dome.

Creflo Dollar renamed the church, World Changers Church International. Today they have a local congregation of 30,000 members. They also have a location in New York that hosts 6,000 members. His services are broadcasted to many other satellite locations across the USA.

World Changers Church International

Creflo Dollar Ministries has expanded into a global ministry. His commitment is to “bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to people all over the world.” Over his 30 years of ministry, he has done just that. Among Creflo Dollar Ministries are:

      • World Changers Bible School – Founded in 2011, the secondary school teaches with the desire to “equip students with both the knowledge of God’s Word and the skills to powerfully proclaim disciples around the world.”
      • Global Missions – Worldwide evangelism to, “Go where no one else will go and do what no one else will do.” There are many arms of World Changers Global Missions.
            • Help 2 Hire – A ministry aimed to help feed the homeless and to assist them in finding a job in the hope of them becoming self-sustaining after employment is found.
            • Reach Back – A mentorship program to build relationships with college students and teens through extracurricular activities and care packages to equip them to mentor others in the future.
            • HOPE Program – An entrepreneurship program aimed to teach members about opening and running their own businesses. It is centered around the adage, “give a man a fish, feed him for today; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.
            • Community Involvement Coalition – Aimed to get more people involved in their communities by educating them on the issues that affect their community.
            • International Missions – Outreach ministry to countries such as Haiti, Kenya, Thailand, and India, as well as countries within South Africa.
      • Arrow Records – Global music and Christian arts organization to spread God’s Word through the music and entertainment industry.
      • Ministerial Association (International Covenant Ministries) – An organization designed to reach out to pastors and ministries to help them build relationships with each other. They aim to encourage them to share experiences and to serve one another, to challenge each other in spiritual growth and maximizing the vision of each ministry.

Today’s Message

Creflo Dollar has been amazingly used by God to reach millions of believers. His message is about encouragement and belief that Christ will work in and through us if we are willing to take on the challenges God places before us. He cares for equipping believers with the tools they need to be an effective witness to others.

Creflo is also an author, conference speaker, and publisher of CHANGE Magazine. His television series is translated into six languages and reaches billions across the world including on GOD TV.

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Written by Jeff Bray

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