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Customers Buy Out Donuts Each Day So Shop’s Owner Can Spend Time With Sick Wife

Sometimes an act if kindness is the best medicine!

Customers Buy Out Donuts Each Day So Shop’s Owner Can Spend Time With Sick Wife
Customers Buy Out Donuts Each Day So Shop’s Owner Can Spend Time With Sick Wife

Since 1990, John Chhan and his wife of more than 30 years, Stella Chhan, have been running a Donut Shop in Seal Beach, California. When Stella suffered from a brain aneurysm, the community learned about what had happened, and they stepped in to help the couple with their business while John helped care for her.

“She’s smiling, full of life. Always in a great mood. Just says, “Hi, how are you? Good morning,” a customer shared how great of a person Stella is.

John opens the donut shop by 4:00AM, with the help of Stella’s sister who extended her hand to the couple to help John run the business while Stella is recovering from a brain aneurysm. The first customers arrive by 4:30AM and most days, the donuts are likely to be sold out before the sun rises.

The Chhan couple is a refugee family from Cambodia, and they’ve become part of the fabric of their community. Because of the customers’ affection for the couple, the community wanted to help them. They started a GoFundMe for the Chhans, but the couple refused to receive money.

“We wanted to offer John some money, but he’s a proud man and didn’t want to take it. So I said, “Let’s just come here, buy his inventory out every morning early so he can get home and be with his wife and help mend her back to full health,” says customer Marc Loopesko.

The customers’ plan is working well.

John says the kindness has been like medicine for his wife, who is already feeling better.

“I feel very, very warm. I just can say, thank you very much,” John Chhan told an interviewer.

The kindness even impacted the whole community.

“This is like something that will warm your heart. It’s unfortunate  – what happened to his wife – but I really believe that something like this, bringing the community together, is just something that we really need right now,” a member of the California community stated.

This article was written by Rhoda of the Facebook page, Christ Daily.

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