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Daniel Kolenda Is Inviting YOU To ‘Light The Fire Again’

Daniel Kolenda's personal invitation to join him for 'Light The Fire Again' in Pensacola, FL, next month!

Daniel Kolenda Is Inviting YOU To ‘Light The Fire Again’
Daniel Kolenda Is Inviting YOU To ‘Light The Fire Again’

I understand the deep need that America and the world has for an outpouring of God’s Spirit — in part because my own life was so profoundly changed by the revivals that swept the church in the 1990s.

I was among the millions of lives touched by the Brownsville Revival, and I still carry with me today the awareness of His awesome holiness that permeated those meetings so many years ago. I needed it then and I need it now. America needed it then and America needs it now. The world needed it then and the world needs it now.

The good news is that the same God who changed lives in the Toronto Blessing, the Brownsville Revival, the Argentine Revival, and many other outpourings… He is still God today. Because He is the same yesterday, today and forever, we can trust that He wants to do it again – and more! The Same Holy Spirit will show up, the same anointing will change lives, the same Jesus will show Himself mighty to save.

Light The Fire Again

The Light the Fire Again Conference revisits the moves of God that swept the earth at the end of the last century — not because we need a nostalgia fix — but so we recall who He is so we can encounter Him afresh in our own time. And I can say with confidence, this is our time to encounter God!

All over the world, the Holy Spirit is shaking everything that can be shaken. A quick glance at the headlines and anyone can see that things everywhere are crumbling. But those who put their trust in Him cannot be shaken – they will not be moved from His presence.

So, I’m personally inviting you to meet with us at the 2019 Light the Fire Again Conference in Pensacola, Florida this September. It will be the first time in history that all the streams of revival from the last generation will converge in one place at one time. As we remember, our trust in Him will grow. And as our trust grows, His presence will empower us to see our own day transformed by His Glory.

– Daniel Kolenda

Join us next month at Light The Fire Again in Pensacola FL, September 4ht-7th 2019!

Register here.


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