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Daughter Dies In Home Explosion, But Christian Family Chooses To Bless The Lord

Daughter Dies In Home Explosion, But Christian Family Chooses To Bless The Lord
Daughter Dies In Home Explosion, But Christian Family Chooses To Bless The Lord

A Christian family in Oklahoma clings to Christ within them after losing their 14-year-old daughter in a tragic propane explosion that leveled their home to the ground.

Eight weeks ago, at around seven in the morning, a blast took place in Northeast Oklahoma City in the Maguire family’s home. Unfortunately, the family of four lost one family member whom the father, Shawn Maguire, called the “heart of the family.” The 14-year-old Berklee lost her life in the explosion while her parents and younger brother lived.

The Explosion

According to Shawn, in an exclusive interview with News 9, he went to make a cup of coffee while his family was still sleeping. Then after pressing the button, he recalled, “all hell broke loose. I felt like I was flying.”

Their home instantly leveled, and him, Tanda, his wife, and son Hayden suffered severe injuries while the eldest daughter died on the spot.

“I told God take me instead of them. Take me instead of them. And I just remembered praying, praying,” the father recalled.

While in ICU, fighting for his own life, Shawn’s heart was with his 14-year-old daughter.

“I just knew something was wrong with her in my spirit,” he said.

Christian family's daughter died in explosion
Photo | News 9

The couple, filled with emotions, said, “I think the first thing we all said is we wish it would have been all of us or none of us. Even Hayden.”

Finding Strength In Jesus

Five days before the tragic explosion, the Christian family celebrated Berklee’s 14th birthday.

“Berklee was the heart of this family, she’s a nurturer, she’s a dancer,” described Shawn.

Further, his wife, Tanda, added, “Even in the ER, I asked the doctor ‘How do people do this without Jesus? How do you face something like this without the hope that there is something more?’ That’s what is impossible for me to understand.”

When asked how they are facing the loss, the grieving family said, “It’s just Christ within us. And I don’t say that lightly, it really is. In His strength is our weakness.”

“It’s been proven to us that you really can’t do life alone,” she added.

Grateful To Those Who Helped

Amidst the loss and suffering the Christian family is facing, they are also grateful for family, friends, and kindhearted strangers who helped them.

“It is overwhelming, your mind doesn’t even fully comprehend it,” said Tanda. “We have clothes, we have a car, they fully furnished our home. (They) totally knew me and knew what I liked. Decorated it like I like.”

“I told my friends, I wish I never knew how great of friends you were,” Shawn shared. “That you would stay and read scripture at three in the morning because I can’t sleep. Because I am crying out in pain. And the only thing I could do is have someone read the bible.”

Standing In Faith

More so, the Maguire chooses to stand on faith for the healing of their hearts.

“We truly lived a life of family, of faith of God, of loving other people,” said Shawn.

“That song that says He gives and takes away, my heart will choose to say Blessed be the name of the Lord,” added Tanda. “I just stuck on that word ‘choose’ and it’s a choice, you know. I clearly saw two paths that I could go down. One not getting out of bed. And moving forward and trusting that there is a plan for us and just believing that God is good and it’s definitely a choice. I don’t value the things like I did before, because you know, it’s the people that matter in your life. And I would trade it all for my daughter.”

If God is touching you to help the Maguire family recover from this tragedy, a GoFundMe account has been set up for them.

Reference: News 9

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