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Daughter Followed Her Dad’s Drug Addiction Until Jesus Meets Her In Jail

Daughter Followed Her Dad’s Drug Addiction Until Jesus Meets Her In Jail
Daughter Followed Her Dad’s Drug Addiction Until Jesus Meets Her In Jail

A young girl settled for quick fixes doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and even attempted suicide several times after discovering her dad’s drug addiction. She was also in and out of jail for multiple assault charges until Jesus met her at the prison.

Family Crumbled

Shay grew up a good student and athlete and was popular. She also had loving parents and was especially close to her dad. Her dad always made her feel confident, intelligent, independent, and strong. However, in the coming years, her world crumbled from what she discovered about the man she always looked up to.

Daughter followed dad's drug addiction testimony
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Speculations about Shay’s dad being involved with drugs spread in their school in seventh grade. And defending her dad’s reputation, she began attacking anyone who crossed her. At 13, the teen got violent and had her first criminal assault charge.

Then during her freshmen year in high school, Shay’s dad got arrested for possession and selling drugs. Right then, her world shattered.

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Followed Her Dad’s Drug Addiction

Soon after, Shay began to attempt suicide to try to escape the pain. The family where she felt she belonged no longer existed. Her heart longed for that again, but it was impossible.
So, the young girl looked for belongingness somewhere else. She started drinking, smoking weed, and popping pills. Then at 17, she became a teenage mom and soon left her abusive boyfriend.

By her early twenties, Shay was selling drugs and in and out of jail on multiple DUI and assault charges. She had numerous overdoses and multiple suicide attempts. It became everyday life for her for many years, resulting in losing custody of her son.

Until one day, while facing a 22-year prison sentence, Jesus encountered her and that took a dramatic turn in her life.

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