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Daughter’s Message For Mom Battling Cancer Goes Viral

"Mom, be brave!"

Daughter’s Message For Mom Battling Cancer Goes Viral
Daughter’s Message For Mom Battling Cancer Goes Viral

A daughter’s message that was written in fresh snow for her mom who is battling cancer has quickly become viral.

A daughter’s message

Physician Marie Schambach made use of the snowfall in northern Ohio to cheer her mother who was in the hospital for cancer treatment. Not only did she cheer up her mother, but she is also inspiring thousands more.

Marie’s mom, Michele Schambach from Guatemala, was admitted to Cleveland Clinic earlier this month to receive treatment for brain cancer. Knowing that her mother had never seen snow before, she instantly knew what to do to cheer her up as she noticed the snow outside.

“I looked out the window and saw a big blank slate, and thought I could write something on it,” Marie said.

“Mom, be brave”

Marie wrote “MOM BE BRAVE” in the white powder that could be easily seen from Michele’s window.

“I told my dad, “Wake my mom! Tell her to go to the window,” she said. “She was happy, so, so happy.”

The sweet message also cheered other patients in the hospital that also saw Marie’s message. The Cleveland Clinic tweeted a photo of her message and it quickly went viral!


Support and prayers for her mom came flooding because of Marie’s message. “So happy to have so many people praying for my mom. It makes her smile,” Marie said.

As a result of people’s love and prayers, Michelle’s condition is improving. The cancer treatment is working and her white blood cells are up. Marie believes that it was not just because of the medicine, it was also because of the joy that her mother is feeling knowing that many cares for her.

“The medicine helps, but it’s from a lot of support and a lot of prayers,” Marie added.

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Reference: CNN 

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