Daystar And GOD TV Share The Powerful Gospel Of Christ | God TV

Daystar And GOD TV Share The Powerful Gospel Of Christ

The global outreach of Christian television impacts millions of lives daily.

Daystar And GOD TV Share The Powerful Gospel Of Christ
Daystar And GOD TV Share The Powerful Gospel Of Christ

Thanks to the advancement of technology, more people hear the global message of the Gospel than ever. In the far reaches of the world, Christian programming thorough sources like GOD TV and Daystar air, fulfilling The Great Commission. It is exciting to witness lives changed, the hurting ministered to, and lost souls coming to Christ.

The Impact of God’s Word

One of the greatest things about God’s Word is that it is universal. One particular group isn’t favored over another. Yes, the nation of Israel is God’s chosen people, but through His Grace, we all share in the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ. Christian programming through Daystar and GOD TV enable that message to spread to bless, encourage, and challenge.

    • Christian Programming with a Message – Without a messenger, the message cannot be delivered. Both Daystar and GOD TV broadcast the Gospel through dozens of popular ministers and ministries. Pastors like Creflo Dollar, John Hagee, Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyer, and Brian Houston all share a common focus with the central message of reaching the lost and directing them to the knowledge of Christ.
    • Prayerful Partners to Minister – Not only do Daystar and GOD TV feed the hungry souls, but they also unite in prayer with each member of the body of Christ. Twenty-four/seven prayer lines accomplish this unification. Viewers can email or call to speak with a prayer partner.


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The Attack on His People

As with all good things, the power of sin and temptation attempts to thwart the message delivered. Attacks on the message as well as attacks on the messenger appear across news feeds, giving God a bad reputation. However, a messenger tainted by sin does not discount the message of the unchanging God.

    • For We All Have SinnedRomans 3:23 denotes this fact. All means all. I have sinned, you have sinned, that preacher on Daystar or GOD TV has sinned, the pastor behind the pulpit you see every Sunday has sinned, your precious grandma who always speaks about Jesus has sinned; all means all. The only person who can hold the banner, not that He ever would, of being sinless was Jesus Christ. So, just because a TV preacher gets caught red-handed, doesn’t give anyone the reason to throw the first stone.
    • But We Are All Saved Through Grace – One of my favorite phrases is, “But Jesus.” It has uses in all situations. “I am sick.”… “But, Jesus”; “I have failed.”… “But, Jesus”;… “I have sinned.”… “But, Jesus.” It is through God’s grace that we are whole again. God is the God of second chances (and third, and fourth for some of us). Yes, it is sad when the skeletons in the closet are exposed, especially in the forum that is meant to draw people to Christ. But it is also a message that even those who seem untouchable, are just at risk of falling into sinful behavior as you and I are.

The Answer for His People

Ephesians 2: 8 reminds us, “For by grace you have been saved through faith.” And we read about Romans 3:23, but it doesn’t end with all of us in our sinful state, verse 24 and part of 25 say, “and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith.

Although we all have sinned, it is great to know we are in good company. It is good to know that you are not “one and done” when it comes to being a witness for Christ. Daystar and GOD TV did not get rid of a show because of a preacher slipping in their walk with Christ. If they did, there would be on programming to air. In fact, neither station would exist if sin excludes you from the Lord using you. God’s grace covers us all. AMEN!!

Today’s Message

Both Daystar and GOD TV continue to air the Christian message to over millions of people across their websites, social media accounts, and on satellite television stations such as Roku and DirecTV. They provide 24/7 live programming as well as a vast array of on-demand shows, Vlogs, and blogs to spread the Gospel.

Another commonality they share is a passion for the nation of Israel. They provide news, historical information, as well as yearly guided tours of the Holy Land. Daystar and GOD TV both allow viewers to give financial support to humanitarian projects for those living in the region. GOD TV’s Arise Zion Tour is coming in March 2020. It is a 9-day tour of the Holy Land. You can get more information by visiting our webpage.

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